Introducing a Freak: Harry Carter

Our sound engineer for Freak Speak is Harry Carter of HJC sounds, and we thought we should introduce you to him, so you can say hello when you come to our next event in May.

Harry is a grade 8 classical guitarist and sound engineer - he has grown up and developed in the music. Having been in bands ranging from modern rock to classical quartets he knows exactly what the band want. Although only young he isn't all that new to the business having been working in in technical theatre for the last 5 years. His knowledge of the equipment and abilities to mix have been learnt, not taught though years of experimenting with sounds and effects to perfect the live and recorded music. Harry first learnt his trade through doing minor jobs in theatres such as micing up drums, amps and ensuring that wireless mics were correctly programmed. In more recent times Harry works in several theatres, with many organisations and having worked with a total of over 100 artists in the last 2 years alone, he must be doing something right!