How's about a free workshop with your Freak Speak?

We're stoked to announce that Freak Speak headliner, Talia Randall, will be running a super exciting workshop before our first Freak Speak.

Friday 13th May, 5 - 6.30pm @ Radius, just before Freak Speak kicks off.

This is Talia, she's fire.

In the workshop you'll explore how you can make poetry, and more importantly, genre defying poetry, from your own life experiences. Talia will lead you through some inspiring exercises which span her own knowledge of spoken word, comedy, cabaret, music and theatre. All ages & abilities welcome.

AND WE'RE EVEN MORE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE'RE OFFERING A LIMITED AMOUNT OF WORKSHOP PLACES FOR FREE. Kinda. The trouble with offering a free workshop is that people book on and then it gets to the evening of said workshop and they can't be bothered because they haven't spent any money on it and they've just seen a picture of a cat with a moustache and before they know it they've found a part of the internet they can never unsee.

SO to overcome this, but still keep the balance at free, we've done a clever thing. The workshop costs a mere £3 (of which we only get pennies anyway because of eventbrite's fees...) BUT we've given you an option to simultaneously book onto the workshop and get entry to Freak Speak for the cost of a Freak Speak ticket.

Yep, you heard me, workshop + Freak Speak = £6.

Freak Speak on its own = £6.


We're poets, not mathematicians. So to take full advantage of this limited offer...