Support slot announcement #2 - Fay Roberts

Say hello to our second human to fill our May support slots. And, my, what a human!

This is Fay, say 'hi, Fay!'

(c) Louise Frohock

(c) Louise Frohock

Fay Roberts is a peripatetic, percussive performance poet by night, and a professional projector by day. She runs the Cambridge branch of the Hammer & Tongue slam series, and her own poetry label Allographic (which functions as a small press and a platform for performers), along with directing the Spoken Word section of The Free Fringe in Edinburgh2013-14, returning again in 2016. She is a classically-trained singer, a self-taught drummer, a bit of a mumbler sometimes, and speaks with her hands. In 2014, she “won” the Edinburgh Fringe Anti-Slam (where the worst poem and performance with the lowest points wins a terrible prize).

“We need more poetry like this... funny, confident, modest and a really bloody good poet to listen to” (Hollie McNish).

“Her poetry combines lyrical flair with a solid emotional core… there is no one quite like her”(Tim Clare).

“Gorgeously sensuous” (

Having experienced some of the amazing things Fay produces and facilitates in Cambridge, we're so excited to see her solely wearing her poetry hat on Friday 13th May! To get your Freak Speak tickets, check out Freak Gigs or head straight to Eventbrite.