Freak Speak returned!

Boy, did we return? Freak Speak took Radius and Peterborough by storm last night, and I'm still amazed at how killer the night was. Radius is a big space to fill, but over 60 people came to watch poetry on a Friday night. How incredible is that?

We have some thanks to give, so here's our speech:

Thank you to everyone who made Freak Speak freaky and speaky. To our headline artists - Joelle Taylor, Inua Ellams, & Talia Randall. I am in complete awe of you all; your mastery of language and command of the stage are unparalleled, thank you for sharing yourselves with Peterborough. To our support artists - Fay Roberts, Ben Norris, Lauren Kendrick, and Alex Tyler. You were each full of fire, and showed exactly why I offer the paid support slot rather than do an open mic. You deserve to be up there alongside the headliners. To our kick-ass host Paul Point, you always kill it, and you are an absolute pleasure to work with.

To the behind the scenes crew. To my boyfriend Andy for helping move tables, work the door, and for keeping me from stressing out. To our sound man, Harry Carter (DJ Harry). You kept the poets from popping and kept us loud, which is exactly what we need. To our photographer/videographer Rosie Cooper. Your attention to detail is beautiful, you are totally on my wavelength, and I am so excited to see the final results, which I know will be stunning. To Radius, especially Dave, who made the lights cool as fuck and made the set-up so easy for us. To Mike the bar man for keeping everyone full of liquid.

Finally, to every last one of you who came to support something new and different in Peterborough. Especially those of you who filled in feedback forms.

Once I've come down from this insane high I'll crack on with planning the next edition of Freak Speak. It is looking like it'll be in October, so make sure you've liked our social media etc.

See you then?