We're looking for some freakin' poets!


Part of what we do at Freak Speak is offer poets and spoken word artists who are looking to make some money from their poems an opportunity to do so, by freaking with us. Want to be on the same bill as Deanna Rodger, Dean Atta, & Adam Kammerling?

At each Freak Speak, there are up to two 10 minute support slots for poets/spoken word artists to apply for. The successful applicants will receive £30, plus 10 tickets to sell (retailing at £6), for which they will receive a £3 commission per ticket sold. Sound good? No, you're right, it sounds great. To apply for the next Freak Speak on Friday 7th October, simply fill out the form below before Friday 16th September.

As we are supporting Black History Month and Black Lives Matter movements at this Freak Speak, we are especially looking for writers of colour based in Cambridgeshire to apply. But if you don't fit those categories, do't let that put you off applying. If we dig you on paper, doesn't matter about appearance.

If for some reason the form doesn't work/ you'd prefer to fill out a word doc, drop me an email on charleygenever@hotmail.co.uk.

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