Peterborough Poet Laureate 2018 applications are now open!


After a good old stint by yours truly, we are recruiting a new Peterborough Poet Laureate.

About the competition
The competition, held annually since 1998, is to find a local poet to hold the honorary title for one year. Throughout the year the Poet Laureate will work with The John Clare Trust and Vivacity Culture Trust, The Library Service and the Community to identify opportunities to make creative writing and particularly poetry part of the life of the city, chronicling special events and celebrating the City of Peterborough. Although the role is unpaid there will be reasonable expenses available, and the title ‘Peterborough Poet Laureate’ is recognition of your talent and gives a unique role in the community.

This year the final is being generously supported by Vivacity and the Key Theatre, and the final will be held at The Key Theatre on National Poetry Day 2017.


How to apply

This year’s theme is - ‘Roots’. As with any theme chosen for the Laureate competition, this theme can be interpreted very broadly. It could be taken literally; gardening, un-dyed hair, landscape, the natural world. Or you could interpret the theme more figuratively; tunnels, cores, energy, ancestry, where do you come from? What does the theme conjure for you?

Peterborough’s poetry scene is thriving. We are looking for someone who is currently involved, or will be willing to get involved, in continuing to cultivate a brilliant poetry community. Previous laureates have set up new nights, secured funding for the arts, worked in schools, performed at non-poetry events, and supported the growth of new poets. We want someone who will wear the role on their sleeve, not lock it away in a trophy case.

Download the application form and complete before 8th September 2017 to