'The last Freak Speak was really fabulous: excellent poetry from first class poets and performers ( and I somehow sneaking in there, too). Everyone should support the next event. If you care about - or are interested in - free expression (even if you 'don't do' poetry, which is bullshit, because everybody does poetry in one way or another) please attend. You have no excuse not to!' - Ron Graves, Poet and Freak Speak artist.


'One of the best nights I've been to in ages! Made me proud to be from Peterborough.' - Mark Grist, Poet and Freak Speak audience member.

'The night was a total success and a congratulations are in order for the event organiser Charley Genever. It was clear that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, I even heard the person next to me gush about how much she liked the event, there was such a chatty and light atmosphere you could relax into.' - Shannon Treadwell, Peterborough Regional College Journalism and Media student. Read her full review of Freak Speak here

95% of people rated the pilot show of Freak Speak 'Very Good'. That's a lot of people. They can't all be wrong.

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